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Submitted by uhl on Tue, 03/25/2014 - 16:33

Graeme - 30 years service

March 19, 2014 saw Graeme Gardner serve 30 years service at Uhlenbergs,

Graeme began his service driving a D series Ford way back in 1984, carrying fertiliser wool, meat and other commodities to and from local farms.


Internationals, W model Kenworth’s, Mack superliner & CH  as well as Peterbilt’s were operated by Graeme through his long driving career at UHL, mainly delivering LPG throughout the country - before he took on the LPG despatch role in the office - ten odd years ago.


One of the many regular jobs for Graeme and the Ford was the movement of containers from the local freezing works to the rail gantry in the 80’s, and he saw many years driving the mighty SAR Kenworth through that period.

Ironically on the day of his 30th anniversary, - in between office duties - Graeme shuffled containers from the Freezing works to the Gantry, driving a restored SAR, to help with the current workload. This wasn’t staged, the SAR is being used regularly to cope with demand -and it was just one of those busy days! 


Well done Graeme, millions of incident free kilometres, with well presented gear and a professional approach, followed by being the friendly voice in the office arranging clients needs. 


Graeme - 30 years service