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UHL28 and UHL14

Submitted by uhl on Thu, 01/31/2019 - 13:03

UHL 28 is a truck that has been a good asset to the fleet. The 2005 Kenworth K104 began duties on refrigerated work, but has spent most of its life in the LPG fleet towing a quad on bulk deliveries around the north Island in the hands of Glen (known as Rogee by most). Glen got the unit new and although he has had a few other trucks for periods in between, Glen has only really been at peace when he had UHL 28 as his daily ride -really his evening ride – as he works permanent afternoons. Following a clean-up by our truck detailing guru –Troy, the C16 600hp Cat powered truck will change back into local duties - mostly on containers, but also likely as a floater among refrigerated with the odd LPG run for its remaining years at UHL.

UHL 28 has covered in excess of two million kilometers to date (2,159,039 on the computer down load today) and is testament that tough trucks, driven by good operators, is good business.

Glens brand new ride (UHL 14) is a K200 powered by an X15 Cummins, the upgrade will also see Glen and his new UHL 14 towing a larger capacity tanker around the island, again on the afternoon shift. If UHL 14 proves to be as reliable as UHL 28 has been, the UHL team will be well pleased.

New 14 alongside 28