Gas tanker crossing bridge
Gas truck in auckland CBD at night.
LPG truck
bulk moving under egmont
LPG passing Mount Taranaki
Close up of trucks radiator
Night trucking
Farmland trucking through the kin country
trucking through snow
Gas truck in front of barn
Gas Moving road level view



Uhlenbergs select and employ staff from CV's submitted by suitable applicants. Submitted CV's will be kept on file and will be referred to in the event of a vacancy becoming available. Use the form to send us your CV.

What credentials should applicants possess?

Uhlenbergs select staff based on the applicants attitude and previous driving history. Successful applicants will be expected to undergo a medical examination including drug and alcohol screening. Our in house training dept assists with upskilling and training new staff to achieve required qualifications such as National drivers cert, DG, fire fighting, first aid and various other qualifications.

What are the benefits of driving at Uhlenbergs?

  • Flexibility between line haul and local driving giving a variety of work tasks
  • Operation of modern, well maintained, high quality equipment
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • An active safety and performance based Salary bonus scheme
  • A small business atmosphere where staff can communicate directly with management

Application for Employment

Drivers licence

Please attach a copy of both sides of your Driver’s Licence

Upload requirements
Current employer
Previous employers - 1
Previous employers - 2
Please provide details of at least two work-related referees that Uhlenbergs may contact
Referee 1
Referee 2
Skills / Experience
Skills / experience
Driving details
Do you have any criminal convictions, infringement notices or charges pending?
Have you had any previous motor vehicle accidents?
Do you have any health issues (physical or otherwise) that may affect your ability to carry out the tasks of the job
Do you take any medication for any mental / physical health problems?
I agree to undergo a pre-employment drug and alcohol and/or urine test
I agree to a base-line medical examination and in-depth health questionnaire
Upload requirements
Driver Check is a secure internet site set up by the Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA). It allows Uhlenbergs to check that only licensed drivers are driving company vehicles.
Further information on Driver Check can be obtained by telephoning (06) 953 7027 or visiting the website (TORO)
By submitting this application form you are consenting to allow Uhlenbergs to check your Driver Licence status, to undergo pre-employment drug and alcohol and/or urine testing, and to undertake a base-line medical examination and an in-depth health questionnaire to assess your health and fitness in relation to the tasks you may be undertaking during the course of your employment.
I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the answers to the questions in this application are correct. I understand that if any false information is given, or any material fact suppressed, I may not be accepted for employment or if I am employed I may be dismissed. I consent to Uhlenbergs contacting my referees and completing a driver check on my licence.